Chamang Waterfall

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Chamang Waterfall
Down in the deep pathway of Bentong, there is one place which is a good spot for friends and family to play, hangout and have a good bonding time. When you reach that place you will be amazed by this wonderful scenery and wondering why you have never knew this place before.

This waterfall is about few feet high, when you see it, you can feel how strong the current is and you might just want to quickly take out your camera and take a few photos with it. There are few spots for you to play on the river and there is few huts for you to put your stuff and have a picnic there too. But be careful as always if you go to every waterfall, where the rocks there are slippery and is steep below the waterfall.

If you cross the canopy bridge, you can see that this place also provide a campsite for people who plans to camp there. It has BBQ pit for ready for you to burn your charcoals and grill your food. That place is also an educational place too where they label the trees and flowers, what kind of flowers or trees are there.

Coming to outskirts, you can’t miss the fun time in the place of mother nature. Take time to relax and play, is healthy and fun, so bring your friends and family,


Address Air Terjun Chamang, Bentong, Pahang
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